Things I've helped build

React, React-Redux, Chrome extension, and CSS, Webpack, Browsersync, Express, and Sequelize

React, React-Redux, Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize

About Me

Vesna Tan

I'm a fullstack software developer who is passionate about producing intuitive user experience.

How I got into coding was during my final semester in college, I took an intro to computer science and from that first "for" loop, everything clicked for me. However I could not change majors because at the time i was graduating with an BS in Accounting.

In my previous accounting role I've was seen as a technical person. I would train new interns and employees on all types of accounting applications. I would talk to vendors and troubleshoot software. From these experiences I realized that software development is where my passion lies so I applied to Fullstack to deepen my technical knowledge. And going forward I’m looking for a software development role building a consumer facing product.

Technical Skills

React, Redux, React-Redux React.js Full-Stack Web Development (Node/Redux/React)

SQL, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Webpack, Express.js, PassportJS, OAuth, Chrome Extensions, Javascript, C++, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Git, HTML